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Training 1600 Students

783 Graduates in 2019

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The largest Bible College in Southeast Asia

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Reaching the world

Training 100 New Missionaries

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BBCA is Focused on these ....

Developing Next Generation Leader

01. Biblical Training

Our first priority is to train our students to properly handle the Word of God.

02. Leadership Skills

We believe leadership is vitally important to ministry, and we inject biblical leadership principles into all of our training.

03. English Proficiency

English is the global language of ministry, and our students are equipped with a knowledge of English to propel them into effective global ministry.

04. Service Oriented

We believe that a true leader is a servant leader, and we encourage our students to do more than just study about God - we challenge them to serve God!

Latest from BBCA....

Courses Offered and Latest Updates

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Dr Sherman's Book

"In this book, Dr Sheman brings complelling characters - too often seen as one-dimensional - to life"

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Sharpening Your Axe

Be equipped and effective in serving in the ministry

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Master of Ministry in Apologetics 2020 School Year

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Diploma Courses

  • Practical Ministry

    1 Year Course
  • Associates of Biblical Studies

    2 Year Course
  • Degree in Theology

    3 Year Course
  • BS in Biblical Studies

    4 Year Course

Master Courses

  • M.A. in Christian Apologetics

    3 Year Course

School of Missions

  • Degree in Cross-Cultutal Ministry

    1 - 2 Year Course

7 - 12 October 2019

Regional Chapel Hour

October 7 | Monday, 5pm - 7pm | Kapitan Moy Marikina
October 8 | Tuesday, 10am - 12nn | Versailes Place Alabang
October 10 | Thursday, 2pm - 4pm | MMI Bldg., Pasig
October 12 | Saturday, 12nn - 3pm | JIOS Church Bulacan

Guest Speaker
Brian Hasse - Senior Pastor, Mt Carmel in Luray Virginia Jim Moore - EATON, Western Austrilia

Testimony Videos

BBCA 2019

Watch the video and see how God continues to bless BBCA.

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